Join me to open and read my love letter to Jesus.


Somewhere in Nigeria,

To the Firstborn
from the dead,

Dear Jesus,

I’m writing this letter to tell you, I’m dazzled, I’m astonished for all you’ve done for me.
You left your throne and came here, came to die for my sins yeah, you gave me a second chance.

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Writing and singing and playing, doing all I can, so that they can know that you are saviour, healer, master, waiting for your return, you coming back for me.

Oh oh oh oh
Your Love na excellent,
Your love na gidigba.

I’m seated with you in heavenly places

In conclusion, I ‘ld keep growing into your fullness, cos that’s all that is left for me: the measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ in me..

Behold what manner of love you gave unto us, love that never fails, love that never changes,
You saved me, you washed me, you bought me, You filled me, You love me Jesus.

Your Son,