First, let us get something very clear: this is not a relationship talk about love and issues of the heart.

No, it is about Love and issues of the blood!

Thank you very much.

Let us talk about your genotype.

I recently saw this video online where people were being asked their genotypes and a number of people were giving answers that were way over the bar, I mean even if the goal post was doubled, it would still be very far above it.

Their answers show that there is still a large amount of people who do not really understand what this is. For that category, we need more awareness campaigns, more health workers to get on the street and educate them. But this category is not even my focus today, I should probably write about how we can help them sometime.

Briefly, let us talk about genotype. Genotype simply put, is the genetic constitution of an organism. It does not refer to blood alone.

You should remember that example in biology textbooks, about white and pink flowers, and the one about TT(height) and tt? If you don’t remember or you have never heard anything about Gregor Mendel or Mendelian inheritance, well, let us not talk about your secondary school today, just google it!

So, the genotype determines the particular characteristic or trait. It could be your eye colour, hair colour, height.. basically everything has a genotype.

The phenotype is what you see as a result of the genotype combinations, the outward expression of the trait.

Please note that I am trying to make this as simple as possible for everyone reading. It involves a lot more and you could do your own research later.

Ever heard of the word ‘haemoglobin?’

Haemoglobin is the dude that is present in the Red blood cells that helps you carry Oxygen to the tissues in your body. Yeah, it also has genes that code for it.. You get it? So, when the genes that code for this bro have an issue, then we have an issue with haemoglobin, our red blood cells and then most importantly, oxygen transport in the body.

Still here?


We have different types: Haemoglobin A, F, S, C and there is even one with a real cool name, Haemoglobin Hopkins……Anyways, that’s not where we are going.

The normal Haemoglobin found in human adults is A, say about 95% of people have this..

As I said earlier, when there is an issue with the genes producing Haemoglobin, then abnormal copies like S and C and other abnormal ones are produced..

That is why you might have seen Hb AA or Hb SS in some places…People with the S haemoglobin can either have one or two copies.

AS: Sickle cell trait

SS: Sickle cell disease

Now that you have an idea about the topic, you definitely know that it is a genetic issue and the definite cure would be by bone marrow transplant medically.

This is why when some very funny individuals with mobile drug shops and singing with loudspeakers come to tell you that they cure sickle cell with a herbal formula, many times, which would also cure cancer and even HIV/AIDS, you should just laugh and move on, like nothing happened... (I am serious, I still saw a signpost recently advertising a cure for it, with some formulas)

Now we are here:

My focus today, one which is very close and dear to my heart, like pricking me at the very Sino Atrial Node, of my heart, is the fact that there are a lot of people who still know about this issue and still fall victim!

The issue is burning my chest gan an.

How would you know all of this and be very informed, very intelligent and well oriented in time, place and person, but would STILL FALL, JUMP, SWIM, RUN, whatever, IN LOVE with someone you know you are not genetically compatible in terms of your Hb genotype?

No, tell me why?

Just tell me…


Love is a decision, please be not deceived by telemundo and other theatrics.

We are not unfortunate people!

You have something that you saw in him or her that made you say YES or unfortunately NO, whichever camp you belong to. Everyone has standards that they would want their prospective partners to fill, even if not all, but there are some that cannot be waived. They might include: Level of education, social status, occupation, religion and the likes…

You know what I mean right?

My plea to you today, is that you please add GENOTYPE TO THIS LIST. Don’t even wait until you fall in love, before you start asking.

Before you start experiencing tachycardia, increased BP, apnea, excitement, sometimes hallucinations, even delusions and other love induced symptoms, please just tactically ask.. so that you would not start at all…

Our generation does not have to make the same mistakes again, especially with more knowledge and information. Please, let us be wise!

Let us use all these to our advantage and live happier lives, bringing healthy children into the world, that at least on this issue would not give any problems.

There are so many decisions that have been made for us in life, gender, family, parents, siblings, names, and so on, but most of us are going to pick who we spend the rest of our lives with.

Please, I repeat, do not get caught up in this cycle again! Love is still a decision, you still have a choice!

I hope I have not shattered anyone’s heart here, If I have, I am sorry that you feel that way, but its for the best, trust me!

If you are the shooter, there are still more shots to shoot, and if you are the shot, well, there are still more people out there waiting to shoot you!

So please, let us talk about this, among our friends. You are discussing a potential boo or bae of your friend, please ask him/her, ‘How far genotype?’

It should not be only about 6 packs, 6 feet, 6 figure salary, 6 inches and how they would look at 60. Please add the 6th criteria: GENOTYPE!

I strongly believe that we all have a role to play in ending this and putting this issue behind us, as a community…

Thanks again, for reading this time!

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Have a great week!

Here is the video I was talking about:

What is your genotype?

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