Hello, thanks for checking me out!

I am Olajire Testimony, Oluwanifise, My friends call me TestyB, although some of them omit the ‘B’ for a reason I still cannot understand (please note that the ‘B’ is in capital letters. Thank you.)

Now, as I was saying, I am a fifth year medical student at the Number one University in Nigeria – Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria.

I love to think and talk productively, about everything.

I believe that we can all make a difference wherever we find ourselves, no matter how little it might be and I am committed to doing so, using this blog as a platform.

Since you are here, I can promise you posts that add value in different aspects of your life, ranging from Health, Family, Christian living to Money, Sports, Politics and more, so just get ready, as we explore together.

I am interested in creativity and a lot of what I post would reflect that. I also love Music –  yeah, I released my first song in January (you can download it here) and business-money related matters.

Most importantly, I am a firm believer in the finished works of Jesus and I am confident of His love for me.

I appreciate the time you took to read this, thank you very much!

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