I pray for you this week

You would grow and increase in the knowledge of the son

Your eyes of understanding are enlightened to behold what He has called you into

You heart’s desires, and yearnings align with the desires of the Father

You would walk worthy of His calling for you!

You would also stand perfect in His will

Oh, this week, your needs are met, supernaturally.

You experience favour all round and in miraculous ways. See, because you have found favour with God, you would find favour with man!

The Lord is your source and so channels of supply are opened up to you.

As many that believe this, you walk in increase and abundance..

Look, no matter how bad the times are, you would sow and reap abundance in the land!

The Lord is your light and your salvation, there is nothing to fear, I repeat, nothing to fear!

Divine protection is your portion and divine security is your lot!

Your going out, coming in, are safe and no harm befalls you!

No plague comes near you or your family..

This week is blessed for you!

Can I have an Amen somebody!

Glory to God!

This song blessed me, check it out!

There is peace in Christ

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